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Replacing Copper Pipes

Have you ever given a thought to the pipes that carry water into the kitchen, bathrooms and utility areas of your home or business? While it might be easy to keep these important components out of mind when everything's working, inferior materials like polybutylene could burst and lead to major damage to the structure of your residential or commercial building. At F & M Plumbing, we've been helping San Gabriel Valley customers with copper repiping service for more than 20 years, and we can save you from the nightmare situation of a broken pipe.
Red Faucet — Replacing Copper Pipes  in Pasadena, CA

Increase the Value of Your Home

Aside from the peace of mind that comes from sturdy plumbing in your house, there are a few benefits to replacing your pipes with copper. The biggest perk to this service is that you'll boost the value of your home, as buyers are more interested in properties that have a smaller chance of needing a major repair due to an avoidable problem. You'll also get higher water pressure with no leaks in your supply and waste drain pipes. Another added bonus is that you'll be working with reusable and recyclable materials that won't clog up landfills for years to come.

Act Quickly

If your home has polybutylene pipes, the constant threat of breakage means that you could be sitting on a ticking time bomb. Whether you want to fix an existing problem or you're looking to upgrade for peace of mind, it's in your best interest to contact the experienced repipe specialists at F & M Plumbing before you end up with water damage to your walls and floors. If you want more information about our additional services, like fixture installation, or you'd like to schedule an appointment for an evaluation, give us a call at 626-296-1060 today!