Five Signs Your Garbage Disposal Needs Repair

A malfunctioning garbage disposal can be a real inconvenience. Any one of these signs popping up is good enough to contact a professional plumber to visit your home to repair it.

1. Inability to Turn On

This issue could be a result of the circuit breaks blowing out. If it is still not working after you have checked that, then it is likely that the entire fixture has burned out.

2. Constant Bad Odor

Your garbage disposal may just need a thorough cleaning. If it still stinks after that, a new disposal will be in the cards.

3. Long Time to Work

When you flip your disposal on, it should instantly break down food in a few seconds. In the event food still remains whole after going through the disposal, then something is probably wrong with the blades.

4. Loud Noises

One sound you do not want to hear from your disposal is the sound of metal clashing against metal. This most likely means the blades are moving incorrectly and are probably too broken.

5. Consistent Leaks

Check under your kitchen sink once in a while. A leak, even a small one, needs to be addressed immediately.
It is far too dangerous to try to fix a garbage disposal on your own. Instead, call F and M Plumbing at 626-296-1060 to find professionals who can do it for you.