4 Reasons Why Hot Water Tanks Are Still a Great Choice for Homeowners

With tankless hot water heaters increasing in popularity, you may be under the impression that standard hot water tanks are becoming obsolete or are no longer a good choice for your home. But while tankless hot water heaters certainly have their advantages, there are still situations in which a hot water tank is the better choice.
Here are four reasons that you may be better off with a traditional hot water tank.

1. You're on a Budget

Hot water tanks are much less expensive than tankless hot water heaters. Costs vary widely, but tankless units often cost about three times as much as a hot water tank. Choosing a standard tank over a tankless unit may allow you to replace your unit sooner — rather than wait until your old water heater causes more problems like a gas leak or water damage. 
Not only is a tankless unit more expensive than a hot water tank, but installation costs are also typically higher. Chances are, your plumber will need to make some modifications to your home's pipes, along with the electrical system or gas lines, in order to accommodate the new tankless unit. This will add to the cost.

2. Installing a Tankless Unit Would Require Extensive Modifications

Even if you do have the money set aside for a tankless hot water heater, installing one still may not be worth it if doing so requires making extensive modifications to your home. For instance, your electrical system may not be set up to handle a tankless water heater, so you may need to upgrade your wiring and circuit box. For gas-powered units, you may need to have more gas lines run.
In addition to being costly, these modifications can sometimes interfere with your home's layout. For instance, your plumber may need to make a hole in the wall to run a gas line or new pipe. This takes time, so you may be without hot water for a few days.
Before you decide to upgrade to a tankless water heater, ask your plumber what modifications must be made to install it. You may find that sticking to a hot water tank is easier. 

3. You Use a Lot of Hot Water

One of the main reasons why homeowners opt for a tankless unit is because they are more energy-efficient. But while saving energy is good for your wallet and for the environment, a tankless unit may not actually save you as much money as you think.
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, tankless units are only 8–14 % more efficient for homeowners who use more than 86 gallons of hot water per day. So, if you use a lot of hot water, the money you save may never make up for the increased upfront cost of a tankless hot water heater. In your situation, a tank-style unit may be better choice in a financial sense.

4. You Want to Use Multiple Hot Water Taps Simultaneously

Tankless units have the benefit of offering a never-ending supply of hot water, but they can only heat a certain volume of water at once. If you turn on two hot water taps at the same time, one of them will run cold. If you want the ability to run hot water at two or more taps, you either need to install multiple tankless units--which can get expensive--or stick with a hot water tank.
If you are worried about running out of hot water before everyone is done showering, you can always just have a larger tank installed. The average shower uses about 20 gallons of water, so an 80-gallon tank should allow four people to shower in a row without issues.
If you're on a tight budget, use a lot of hot water and don't want to make extensive modifications to your home, there's no reason to switch to a tankless hot water heater. A hot water tank will continue to suit your needs perfectly well. Talk to your plumber to learn more about the best hot water tanks for your family's needs.